Posted by Tony on Jul 24th 2020


Hi shopper, Tony here, co-founder of . The home of the best quality replica designer brand wristwatches

In our 7 years in selling replicas, the most difficult part has undoubtedly been not not being able to accept card payments directly on our site. And below is a frequent question we always get...


A: Please note that direct Credit Card payments, PayPal and Direct Bank Wires do not provide their services to replica designer watch business's as it does not fit within the terms and conditions. Its important to understand that you are buying a replica item and the usual payment methods found on your general e-commerce clothing, electronics, and furniture stores would not be possible when purchasing a replica item.

Thus Any replica website that allows and accepts credit card payments directly on their website are either doing so through illegal means or are retrieving your credit card payment details and pushing them to the darkweb to sell.

So we only use Cash App, Zellepay, , and bitcoins because it accepts credit card payments without any risk. Involving a trusted service like cash app, zellepay, transfer wise, western union and bitcoins allows for secure payments and no one will have your payment information to sell on the dark web.

I know our payment options suck! But as a replica website, our hands are really tied in how we can receive payments because what we sell is “illegal”.

Please understand that we are a replica site and what we are selling is "illegal" so the usual card services found on your regular e-commerce sites can’t work with replica sites.

(any replica website that accepts card payments on their site is doing so fraudulently and your card info will be taken and sold on the black market! so never use your card on a replica website! because legit card services don't work with replica sites)

We used to accept Paypal but they always found out we sold replicas (which is against their policy) so they would close our account and confiscate the funds in it for 360DAYS!

Additionally, many times, we got scammed by customers! Because, some bad customers will get their order and call paypal to say we sent them a replica and get their money back. So after many accounts and getting scammed by our own customers, we decided the hassle for paypal was not worth it.

There are many hacks and tricks to be able to accept card payments directly on a replica site, but we are just honest sellers and do not have time for malicious things. we just want to sell some sneakers and clothes!!

At the end of the day, despite the fact that we sell replica designer watches!, we are just like every other business out there who wants to grow and be a leader in their field, and we know that the only way to achieve that is by delivering high quality replica merch to our customers and in prompt time.

***All our Merchandise ship in their brand box and are made with top quality materials, rest assured this! We have partnered with the best quality replica factories here to ensure our customers are only fitted with the best! That is why many of our clients include celebrity shoppers shopping for athletes, entertainers and general wholesale buyers!***

If you have any questions about your order please do not hesitate to reach out,